Trip Time

So it was that time of the year again and I took a quick two week trip over to the other side of Australia in Perth. This trip I indulged in a lot of food and did a massive amount of walking well for me anyway. A trip away means a post full of pictures so I may reminise on my trip and share my favourite parts of Perth.

This was my first time enjoying the sights and wonder of Kings Park, a short bus ride out of the city centre you reach this beautiful botanical gardens that extend for miles, it has a combination of history and beauty with its Anzac memorials such as the constantly burning flame pictured in the top left, and views of the entire city. It was a long walk around approximately 4km round trip which left me aching the next day, it was surprisingly busy and we went at around 3.30-4pm in the afternoon. It was worth seeing the gorgeous plants and incredible views as well as tributes to Australia’s history.


Our next stop was the newly named Elizabeth Quay, which was once the esplanade, it has been getting renovations for a little while now and though it looked really cool I could not manage to walk a step further. The picture on the left I was inspired to take as I had red somewhere that travel photography takes forever to get right as there are always people in the way or something along those lines and yet I managed in between road crossings to capture a rather quiet city street before boarding the train. The bridges on the left are a new edition to the area that now I think about it remind me of the big M… hmm nice Segway right because you know what is next the FOOD!!

So upon arrival I had to go with the classic Nando’s it was introduced to me in Perth and is now a staple every time I go, it just tastes so much better where I originally fell in love with it, if you are like myself and do not do well with the spicy go the BBQ flavour it is love at first bite. This time I agreed to try a type of food I am very well known for never giving a chance other than the sweet dessert pictured in the top (churros are my food crush) MEXICAN, so on this trip I actually gave two different restaurants a try Mad Mex and Zambrero’s. We were in the city and all the Japanese restaurants were full which was a major bummer and Mad Mex have their 1kg burrito challenge in which macho man himself had to try of coarse so viola i ended up eating Mexican and of coarse because i love all that is edible I actually found myself enjoying the baby sized burrito that i got with my pineapple soda!! Zambrero’s was actually my idea to try because i decided one taste of Mexican wasn’t enough and again my mouth and stomach fell in love with the food I would recommend trying one of the two at least once.
The last food that I actually managed to capture myself eating was serve yourself Chinese this is a winner for me no matter where I am, I love picking my own food and having a few choices at once keeps the variety. We did make it to one Japanese restaurant in the city that served an incredible pork ramen which we loved and will defiantly be trying again it was a diamond in the rough kind of store and not all that expensive either, only I have no clue what it was called and of coarse it was the one place I did not capture myself eating up a storm!!

I stay in Rockingham each time I visit Perth and this time I actually got down the beach and took some wicked photos, it was freezing on this day and I didn’t take a jumper of coarse.

This trip to WA was one of my favourites as I managed to spend time seeing more of the city and the surrounding areas enjoying the food and taking some amazing photos around a developing and yet untouched kind of state. I can not wait until the next time I am over that way and the other areas I shall explore.

I learnt to use snap chat on this trip to see me being average its @kahliaanelise
I always upload my photography first to my Instagram

I also post random quotes and links on my twitter which is also @kahliaanelise

Remember keep creating yourselves xx




Surviving University & Anxiety

I am in my second year of University (my final year) and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to go to university. Last year it was scary and exciting as I fumbled through classes and assignments, I also endured several panic attacks and bouts of anxiety that weren’t always obvious to those around me. I am now in my second year, which gave me the idea of sharing these strategies for surviving university with anxiety.

Oral presentations is pretty much number one on my list of anxiety provoking situations that involve university, why because everyone is looking directly at you and waiting for you to speak and not only that but you are actually being judged and graded on what you have to say which is to me one of the scariest things to do and yet I have managed to do 4 in my first year of semester and I have some coming up in this one. My tips don’t include the usual tips like picture everyone in their underwear. My first tip is to be prepared practice giving that speech to an empty room a million times or even to a mirror, this is good for being confident in what you’re saying and also for timing yourself to make sure you don’t go over, or too under (always leaving a little extra because your speech will speed up in front of people) I have found that the more I have practiced a speech and know what I need to say the less I get stressed when giving it. My second tip is picking a subject you’re actually interested in two of the presentations I have given have gone well and I was given good grades because I believed in and interested in what I was talking about, although this isn’t always possible make the subject your talking about as interesting to yourself as possible take a different angle on the subject find a small aspect of it that you can become remotely interested in and it will improve your speech and your confidence at the same time. Even though I use these tools every time I give a presentation I am still not confident up there all the time, I shake and sweat and stumble on my words but I don’t let myself get distracted by putting myself down I keep going and applaud myself for getting up there in the first place for facing what makes me anxious and it’s a good feeling.

Talking in class and answering the lecturer or tutors questions is something I find daunting even if I know the answer, because I know people will be looking and paying attention to what I say this isn’t something I really have coping strategies for but I find that if I am confident in my answer or the subject I am more obliged to speak, as well as if I have less people in my class I am more comfortable speaking or voicing my opinion. I know my fear in this situation comes from a fear of rejection or judgement.

Study and study some more, this really is the number one tip I have, I would not have gotten as far as I have if I didn’t study, finding the definitions of things I was unsure about or theories I didn’t quite understand. The Internet and books are your friend and they aren’t going to judge you or make you feel stupid, because well they don’t know who you are or why you searched them. I avoid asking questions again a fear of judgement or rejection so a lot of the time I leave it up to research and study to explain things that I don’t understand and if I didn’t do this I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have.

Surviving with anxiety is hard it’s an every day battle with yourself and your doubts but it doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you’ve always wanted to do. University was a dream of mine for many years and I never imagined I would be smart enough or able to take the opportunity not to mention how incredibly scary the buildings were and all the other people and yet here I am pushing through all the worry in my head to get there and get it done. In saying all of this don’t stress if some days it’s just too hard I have those days too where I really just can not cope and going outside my door is too difficult and mostly ill push through that but some times it really is too much and I’ve found that, that is okay too, you need to keep your own health in check before everything else.

I hope these help someone in a similar circumstance or someone who has a friend or partner going through this to see another perspective.

Keep creating yourselves



Body Image RANT.

I know I’ve written about this before, however it’s an important issue.
so body image is something that I see feel and think comes up quite a lot in society and in conversations. I was recently having a conversation with someone that with out I think them even realising that what they were saying was really kind of not nice. people struggle with body image day in and day out I am generally an upbeat person about my body but even i have days where it just sucks and looking in the mirror is the last thing i want to do. I’ve noticed that recently it has become a gravitating factor in conversations and thinking, not my body image per say but other woman being objectified by specific areas of their body. I don’t think it is wrong to appreciate certain aspects of the female body but to place such as emphasis on it is kind of ridiculous.

people have personalities and stories and so much more to them than an arse,tits,legs or a belly. I don’t judge guys on how attractive they are rarely It’s more about who they are as people and the impact they have on my life. I am not one to be jealous of others bodies good or not but people out there are and they do get concerned or insecure about there own so ladies and gents worrying about it please know there is so much more to you than just your body.

I don’t really think i am going anywhere with this post that is exceptionally inspirational I just find that a lot of the time I ask myself why does this person care its not like there the next supermodel (male or female) you know? there is more to you than just what is on the outside and yet you still judge people that way its not really fair at the end of the day.

if you’re feeling down about your weight or any physical aspect of yourself remember that it is not the only part to you, your beautiful for so many other reasons and thats what counts.

keep creating yourselves


Double standards in sexism- On the Bed

Hey there,

So I have come to the realisation recently that a massive issue for me is the double standards in sexism. I am one of those people that aren’t for feminism or against it and I am also not for the male equivalent I am for humans and Humanism. I prefer this stance not only because feminism is a tarnished brush and ridiculed due to social perception and negative connotations but also because I don’t believe you can fight for equality with something that is gender specific.

Feminism had its place in bringing about the beginning of equality to establish women in the world as individual and capable beings in areas they were thought not to enter. In this day and age however instead of people closing the gap between sexism it can be looked at as taking a swing in the opposite direction and the “uplifting” oppression of men (do not get me wrong I am not saying this is entirely feminist fault).

Gender equality is an issue that is hard to fight or have a stance on because no matter what you do you’re wrong, or being misogynistic or misandrist it is an issue that needs to be addressed in equal terms treating each as individuals void of gender.

From a young age we develop these ideas about how men and women behave, what qualities make us different and what toys we should be playing with all of which attribute to our opinions and acceptance of activities of men and women when we are adults.

Have a think if there has been a time when you’ve seen someone doing something and thought they shouldn’t because it’s not what you perceive as appropriate for that gender? Don’t worry it doesn’t make you sexist its just the natural response based on our social learning.

We see these standards on television in advertising all over social media and even in our homes. So what can we do about it? Well in my opinion the HeforShe campaign was a great idea and also not having two separate teams, become one change the face of feminism and NOMAS (national organisation for men against sexism) and just have humanism the equal rights for all human beings? I think that could make a huge difference, creating a united front and inspiring people to unite with you instead of separating themselves from causes we should all be involved in. A great idea if anyone should think to really fire it up is a campaign enlightening the idea of humans all for one and one for all so we may support each other and work together void of our genders being identified as just a person with thoughts, opinions and great ideas.

If you have a differing opinion feel free to leave it below in a respectable fashion of coarse, if you have any other ideas on how we can approach this problem also leave them below I love new ideas.

-From my bed to your screen

Keep creating yourselves


Dating Game| Change


Hey Guys,

I thought jumping back in with a dating game post was a good way to go, this idea just hit me and that is my favourite way to write when ideas just pop into my head. I have a few little relationships things I want to talk about today, so strap in.

Today I wanted to talk about changing whether its for a boyfriend, a crush, a friend, your girlfriend or any partnership.
Physical aspects such as your weight or height or any aspect of you physically shouldn’t be impacted by a partner, as humans we have enough insecurities about our bodies with out the people we love and admire adding there critique.
this is a massive NO NO for me in relationships any of them even if its my best girlfriend because I have parts of my body I don’t like and the last thing I want is someone else to add to that. all the advice out there says to keep a positive perspective of yourself but that’s easier said that done right? well keeping people around you that have a positive perspective of you is a good starting point.

I have a best girlfriend she has an amazing body in my eyes, she is tall and gorgeous even though she’s just had a baby I think she still looks as fine as before. I am sure any one whose been through that experience has/had there own insecurities and so did she, but that isn’t the focus as her friend I am here to tell her how amazing she is. This girl does the exact same thing for me, I have insecurities about different parts of my body and she is there every time I notice to say but hey you have these amazing qualities about your self too and this makes you beautiful.
having positive friendships that build you up is #1 on my list.

sometimes our greatest critics are our families, I am sure a tonne of you out there have felt that your family are being over critical or there comments have made you feel like shit, It sucks especially cause there family and there supposed to support you, In this instance what I do is remind myself although its hurtful that its not their intention, majority of the time they want what is best and think that telling you is just what you need. [F.Y.I family members its not helpful] if you have a specific family member who is causing you some extra stress talk to them about it.
I had an uncle who used to pick on my weight he had the best intentions but conversations always left me feeling like I would never be successful or appealing to the opposite sex if I didn’t loose weight. I am still struggling daily to change that perspective and thanks to the positivity around me its working 🙂

Partners are like family your intimate with them you have to bear your insecurities to them and if I have learnt anything about dating it is that it can be the biggest ego boost or the worst hit your self esteem will take. It just has that power. When you get a partner they shouldn’t put down your physical or personality features and if they do think something is up then I would suggest to discuss it in a non critical manner. Since being with my boyfriend certain things have definitely changed, my own motivation and determination has changed but not once has he made me feel bad about my body.

about three weeks ago I was determined I was going to loose weight to be more appealing more successful (I fell in the rabbit hole) and I told him he had to train me make me work out everyday and diet me, he told me we would talk about it when I got here I’ve been here for two weeks and not once has he dieted me or told me I can not have any food I want, he hasn’t dragged me kicking and screaming to the gym and he has made me walk as much as possible over taking the bus, I myself have chosen to do small exercise sessions while he has been at appointments and he always tells me how beautiful intelligent and amazing I am in all the aspects of my life.
I have since climbed out of the rabbit hole and have been reminded of how I can and should be comfortable with me!! (bonus I’ve lost 2kgs and didn’t have a terrible time doing it)

sometimes change is what we want in ourselves, when we don’t like something we want to change it and that is okay no one should be telling you its not okay to do what makes you feel good, just as long as your doing it safely and are aware then who cares. Keeping a positive perspective is just as important as keeping positive people. Don’t compare yourself to other people because you are not them you are the talented unique and special individual YOU.

keep creating yourselves xo

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Previously in Dating Games 

Hello again 17

It’s a bright stinking hot saturday and I figured hey why not
lay under the fan and chat to the computer…

Yesterday I caught up with a friend that I have known since I was about 16,
our friendship was a whirlwind from meeting to instantly becoming best friends
we were almost inseparable, when we met I was on the coast just visiting
and ended up spending a whole week of my two week holiday with her,
and then making a life changing decision not long after that to move back to the coast.

fast forward through our friendship and at 17 I moved in with her and my boyfriend at the time,
to an apartment in surfers paradise not knowing that it would be something that literally changed me.

living together was a blast we were all loving it, then my boyfriend at the time and I split up,
yet he continued to live with us (that didn’t end so well) and so things were interesting to say the least,

then some of our mates moved in so there was five of us in the one apartment, it got loud and fun a little blurry at times,
but hey 17 year olds living together what else could you expect,
although these people were friends at the time or people I haven’t spoken too since, I realised when talking to my friend
that they will always be the people that changed my perspective on several things.

1. relationships and committment

2. Family in the essence you can make your own

3. a hangover

4. a seriously good cup of coffee changes everything

5. who you are at 17 won’t be who you are in 4 years time, but parts of you will be the same

one of the friends I lived with was well and truly wise beyond his years
and things happen now with my job or my education that really throw me back to that time
or to things that he said that really impacted how I view certain aspects of the world,

I have to thank all the experiences and adventures I had for all the awesome lessons I have learnt and will continue to learn forever.



keep creating yourselves.


On the bed-Cross roads

Have you ever reached a point in your life or in a portion of your life that you just don’t know what to do anymore, where you’re going? You had everything all mapped out and then out of nowhere that’s not the road you want to go down, that is how I am feeling right now.


Last year I had this plan and I had everything mapped out the way it was going to go and how I was going to get there and in the last two weeks I have found myself hating parts of that plan cutting them left right and centre, my heart just isn’t in it all the things that we’re working before aren’t working now. I don’t really understand this position because I don’t even exactly know what I want at the moment I just seem to know what I don’t want, which isn’t really being helpful.


I am not an overly negative person I like to live off vibes and feelings around me but lately I have been feeling different kinds of vibes, I have started different things in my life and I can feel little parts of me changing and developing as I am faced with different situations and yet I feel like some of the people around me aren’t growing or changing with me, or that they aren’t changing at all may actually be the underlying problem.


Everything is really new for me at the moment, exciting and demanding with university and the qualification I am trying to get things are tightly stretched and any time I can have to myself to do things I like is a gift which Is rare at the moment, back to the issue, I really am confused about how I am feeling right now because I keep changing my mind on the end result of what specific area I would like to go into, what foods I really don’t like, how I feel about the colour blue and what style I am going for, all of these things seem trivial I know but its right down to the classes my mind is changing every couple of minutes to new things I want to try and then reasons I can’t do those things and even in the relationships I have with people, these things are rushing through my head and changing rapidly and it feels like all that planning and mapping was really just a waste of time because I am back in wavy unknown waters were I am paddling to find a place where I can stand catch my breath and then paddle some more until I find that right wave to ride home and finish the day.


So now that I have rambled about being completely lost in the sea of my thousand mile an hour thoughts, you guys should let me know how you cope when your feeling a little stressed/confused or lost in life?


From my bed to your screen- until next time

Keep creating yourselves


New Beginings

Hey guys,

I had my first lecture and first day of uni yesterday which to me was totally exciting but super nerve racking at the same time. It took me 20 minutes to find the building my lecture was in and then about 30 mins to find my lecture, if it wasn’t for a nice girl in the same lecture I don’t think I ever would have found it.

The lecture itself was basically what I thought it would be and I did learn some cool new things, one of which is I seem to be the only person who uses the word premise in my everyday vocabulary.. The man running the lecture was pretty cool which made the experience even more exciting. My class was only one hour and it was the only class I had yesterday so it was a good way to start.

I will only have one class again today which is my first psych class so I am really excited for that one. I am already working on an essay for my core class and after today will be working on a presentation as well I like the feel of getting straight into things and learning as much as I can.

It may take me a week or two to get my bearings and a schedule going and that may mean some absence from the blog but do not stress I could not forget about my little place on the web, I will be sharing more about my adventure with Uni and hopefully using my social media and blog to assist with learning things about people everywhere.

I will be uploading some photos of everything soon and a post of the stationary I am using and the way I set up my space are on the horizon. Thank you all for sticking by me even in my absence I truly appreciate it.

Keep creating yourselves


Dating Game| Relationship Etiquette

Hey guys,

I am here with yet another dating game post, I enjoy writing things about relationships I always find its the topics my mind has the most fun with. This time I am back to write about farting in front of your significant other why you may ask, well you see I and I am sure many other girls have been told how rude it is to fart in front of or around other people. Does anyone remember these typical lines? “Girls and Ladies do not let off wind” “it is rude to let off gasses” “never do that in front of a man” right so these were repeated to me constantly as a young girl which got really annoying and now that I am in a long and steady relationship I thought I would pose the question of passing gas in front of a significant other.

This subject is probably up for debate so lets hear my side. Passing gasses is natural it is human and aliens probably do it as well, so it is going to happen at some point in your relationship probably while your fast asleep you are going to let one rip and your other half is going to hear or smell it, when you are defenceless and unable to consciously know you are doing it how do you manage to be lady like? or discreet? you can’t and it won’t be I can assure you that much.

Now if your asleep is it forgivable to let one loose in front your partner? I think so I mean I have no foresight it’s going to happen and honestly I couldn’t control it if I tried I mean I am in a land where these problems don’t matter, in all honesty I am probably solving all humanities problems. If you are awake and well aware you need to let one rip and you just can not be bothered and you let loose on your ass you better expect some kind of reaction from whoever you are with be it your significant other, best friend or your family, it is just something we don’t classify as the “norm” or at least I don’t.

So at what point does it not become taboo in a relationship to be a natural human being ? well that depends on the guy your kind of relationship and I would highly recommend not doing it on the first or second date. Everyones relationships are so different and unique except those clique couples you see all the time, that it is hard to give you an exact time that it’s okay. I mean I would say if you are comfortable and your explanation is reasonable you can let it slide.

I will never forget the first time my ass exploded, it was completely by accident my partner and I were mucking around and I had consumed a number of dairy type products and it just slipped out ( i am lactose intolerant) I have this reaction if I eat or drink too much dairy but of coarse I had not conciously thought of this on our day out and thus this was the result. At the time it happened I can say I was fairly embarrassed but my boyfriend being who he is laughed his ass off and it is now a running joke that we can laugh about for years to come, We had been dating for close to if not longer than a year and I am sure I assaulted him in my sleep at some point before this but the story just doesn’t get old and the outcome was well hilarious.

relationships should be unique based on the two people in them, anything that is meant too happen or not meant to will be defined by the two of you and how you view each other and what you specifically love about them. You will work out this twisted game I assure you of that. If I can do it anyone can.

Peace out

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Happy New Year

Hey everyone, Happy 2015 the beginning of a new year.
It will be a big year for me filled with exciting opportunities, travelling to places I have not been and the begging of a new chapter of my life. I am looking forward to a new year and new possibilities I started my new year off with a bad case of tonsilitus which has been absolutly crappy I have barely been able to move my ass out of bed, I am lucky in that I have my boyfriend here who has tirelessly taken care of me.

I know the new year always brings resolutions things we want to achieve in the year ahead, have any of you made some? i would love to hear what they are. I like new years resolutions I think they can be a bit of fun or a real goal to set for the year. I am resolving this year to spread good positive vibes and bring my life happiness and harmony.

Looking back on 2014 it wasn’t exactly a harmonious time for me with study and education as well as with friends and even some family members which is saddening but in the new year is no longer my worry because up and on to a more harmonious life.
My biggest achievement of 2014 was getting my Diploma in community services that was something I have been working towards and was really excited to finish and to have fully completed with good passing grades and all.

Best Memory of 2014 was going to Sydney somewhere I had never been before and enjoying it fully, just soaking up everything the city had to offer, I could not have picked a better destination. Meeting one new friend (new to me) who is defiantly someone that has made an impact on my life, my second best memory is having that friend here before christmas and enjoying a lively night.

I am most looking forward to having one my best friends move a little closer for her studies so I can go on lots of adventures with her again 🙂

I want to get my license in the beginning of 2015 so that I can drive myself around 🙂 I am also looking at starting a fully independent life and moving into my own place at some point this year!

all the possibilities of these new adventures are exciting even when you’re deathly ill for the first week, as I start each of my new adventures I am going to enjoy documenting them on this blog, so you can expect some fun posts about uni life, harmony and good will, travel and as many adventures as possible.

let me know your favourite parts of 2014 and what your working towards in the new year in the comments ?

keep creating yourselves ❤

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