Facebook’s Charitable New Feature

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Facebook joined the charitable community. Previously they had an option for a donate now button that would work through paypal, however on July 1st an article was released stating that Facebook is launching its own update that includes campaigning and donation collection for non for profits.

This feature will be available in the U.S in the coming weeks and will be made globally available to 39 countries says Saqib Shah. If you are a non for profit Facebook just got better. I stated in my post charitable social media  that 95% of charities or organisations use Facebook this feature was well thought out in their favour.

Starting a Campaign to raise money for your organisation or you could just be someone like me who enjoys campaigning on behalf of organisations you advocate for either way this feature will allow you to share and create fundraising campaigns.

Headspace Australia is an organisation that works towards mental health in youth, its a widely recognised organisation and often runs video campaigns and awareness on its social media sites. If you visit their website you are able to host a fundraising event or make a donation through their website.

This new Facebook feature will allow supporters of the organisation to conduct online fundraising campaigns in which the money goes directly to the organisation when people donate, they can share it with their Facebook friends and it can continue to grow through social media.

Let me give you an idea about how this could be helpful to you.

Sunshine Automotive have a community fund in which they are asking the gold coast to vote on what organization should receive the 2000 dollars. This campaign is through mygc.com.au and has been shared around locally through Facebook with a link to vote being posted to your email.

A campaign like this could already collect votes through Facebook however have chosen an alternate route, in setting up a campaign like this and imagining that they could calculate votes and donations at the same time the new Facebook feature would make the process all very simple.

Worried about un secure payment? Don’t be all the donations are made through PayPal and secure payment methods. So your privacy is maintained. This feature would allow each of the organizations that don’t get the 2000 dollars from the community fund to garner attention and possible donation through their own smaller campaigns that can be shared via their Facebook followers.

If you would like to vote on the campaign mentioned above visit this link My GC Vote 


Keep creating your campaigns xx



Use your social media charitably

social media e-xperience


If you’re a non for profit social media is your wave to ride, or your ship to wreck. Don’t stress I am here to help you boost the ways you use your social media platforms.

Buffer app found that 97% of non for profit organisations are on Facebook though they don’t rate it as one of their important social media platforms.

This could be due to the fact that these organisations use donations as their target and identification of social media effectiveness. However social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have donation capabilities for organisations to garner more support globally.


twitter-revenue-model Tweet to donate is a new feature on twitter to allow people from all over the world to use paypal and donate to your organisation making twitter more beneficial for non for profit organisations, Facebook also offers a donate now option on organisations pages.


Before we create the perfect hashtag 

  • Know your organisations goals and objectives do they want to get donations, or share information
  • Then create a social media strategy Steven Shattuck says non for profits should use  Appreciation, Advocacy and Appeals as their strategy.
  • have transparent policies regarding engagement, to monitor and have something clear to point back to
  • Keep up to date with new tools such as tweet to donate, Facebook now offers categories in its new update, if you keep up to date you can creatively find ways to use these tools.

Christmas spirit 

Over christmas I got the chance to join an appeal to help a beautiful single mother who was struggling and no services had anything left to assist her so a colleague took to Facebook and reached out to the community who all responded rapidly, there were so many messages of support that lead to donations for a struggling family at the hardest time, if it wasn’t for our Facebook community we never could of reached all those people to get assistance and to thank them and show them the outcome. It was a beautiful moment watching all these people pour support into a cause that obviously touched their hearts during the jolly season. Communities can now reach even beyond your local area, some causes go viral all over the world for example the ice bucket challenge.

social media has changed the game for interaction and engagement but that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful to your charity or non for profit, it can up your game and allow you to connect with people who share the same mission as your organisation, connecting with people is what we do after all 🙂

so create your social media presence xx