Sydney|Part One|Imats

I am back with a heap of photos and fun things to tell you all about my recent travels, beginning with the fact that I had an amazing break and Sydney was absolutely beautiful.

For those of my readers who didn’t know I went to Sydney for IMATS which I was so excited for I really thought it would be amazing and I have to say it was kind of a disappointment it was a room filled with maybe twelve stalls and girls lined up everywhere around the room, you had to fight your way into lines and wait ages to see even the products so to me it just wasn’t my scene. I did pick some things up from the lime crime booth though which was exciting and then the highlight was meeting Karissa (satnightsalrite) outside the venue and getting to have a chat with her and get a photo, honestly nicest girl so down to earth.


I got three LimeCrime nail polishes & one lipstick



Once in a Blue Mousse




Airborne Unicorn


Karissa 🙂


In the Social Eyes bag Karissa was giving away

so generous of her and her team ❤


Candy Yum Yum


These are all the products I picked up whilst I was in Sydney and at Imats

I was a little disappointed with it, however now that I am home I

am ready to do some exciting things

xo Peace out xo

75th Batman’s anniversary

Yes I am a batman fan I love the comics and I don’t mind the movies so the other day for the 75th anniversary of batman I created a dark smoldering look that you may have seen on my Instagram.

I get so excited to try looks inspired by comic heros and villains it’s like my inner nerd gets to shine on out 🙂




So these are some pictures of the look, I used my L’Oreal infallible in midnight blue (that is not the name) as well as my black eye liner and black shadow from my nyx love in Paris palette and my L’Oreal colour infallible black sparkly shadow.

I was inspired by the navy and black colours and shadings in the batman comics and I was really happy with how this look turned out in person the photos didn’t capture it true to colour which is a shame..

Anyway loves geek on and peace out ✌️