New Year, New What ?

Hey Guys,

It’s 2017 already, can you believe it ? I can haha it seems that the older I get the quicker things go. I am starting 2017 still as a uni student. Just can’t let it go haha.

This year though I gave up resolutions instead to think about goals I would Like to achieve in the 12 months of this year. Big life changing goals as well as some smaller goals.

This Year I really want to focus on myself and loving and accepting my flaws, and strengths as equal parts of who I am and working them to my advantage.. so like a year of self awareness.

I would love to know what everyone has decided for their New Years Resolutions ? let me know in the comments. I have some wicked adult only content planned for this year, as well as continuing my lessons in my 20’s series, so you guys have some cool stuff too look forward too.

In the mean time you can find me on:


Keep Creating Yourselves xx

Send me a smile :)

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