Friendship Lessons in my 20’s

I am in my 20’s now and I keep learning new things about life every day. One of the biggest things I have learnt since moving from my teens to my 20’s is about friendship.


I am going to tell you the top 5 things I have learnt about friendship in my 20’s

  1. Not everyone wants to stick around; there are friends that will remain in your life forever, like boomerangs while there are friends that you will make and they will be great for a period of time and then they will leave (I am planning a post on what to do after a friendship break up soon).
  2. People don’t fit with your life path. Don’t feel bad if some friends just don’t fit with where you are going or how busy you’ve become, if they want to stick around they won’t go anywhere just because you have new opportunities and a busy schedule.
  3. People don’t always value what you value. This one is hard because you will meet friends and think they are the greatest people and then as you spend time with them you’ll realise they don’t have the same values as you and that can be difficult.
  4. Communication is key. We aren’t teenagers anymore, and communicating with friends is important in keeping the relationship on the same page. Don’t be afraid to talk it out with your friend if something isn’t right.
  5. Be yourself, in your 20’s you’re still figuring shit out. You are not expected to have all the answers or know everything and you shouldn’t, but you should remember that if something doesn’t feel right to you it probably isn’t right and you should listen to yourself.

These are my top 5 lessons that I have learnt in 20’s around friendship. I have made and lost a lot of friends since, beginning university and working and then some have remained from teenage years but the dynamics have changed, which is a good thing because it means that we are growing. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make and lose friends this is the best time to create memories and learn from experiences.


Keep creating yourselves


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