Crowd Funding Is It For You

There are fantastic ways for innovative creators to get their business and career rolling with out the use of loans from the bank. With the technology of online shopping and now user generated content websites like Youtube, young creators everywhere can build their audiences and their empires. The new way to do this is crowd funding.

Crowd funding is where you have an idea and do not have the funds to get it off the ground so you can visit one of the many websites dedicated to this in order to raise the money through your already established audience or people who share a passion with what you want to do. These people can then donate either one off amounts or subscribe to monthly payments to your project.

The two major crowd funding sites being used world wide at the current time are Kick-starter and Patreon.

Kickstarter is a well known website in which creators can go and set up a project and a desired goal or objective and then rally people behind it to donate until they reach their goal. No money is taken from donators unless the goal is met and then the project can kick off. One of the kick starter campaigns was the Veronica Mars movie which hundreds of fans got behind and supported financially to make, when someone donated they got a reward such as a signed photo or the opportunity to be an extra in the film if it was geographically possible. Kickstarter is a one off donation system where you select the amount you would like to pledge to the project and if it reaches its goal your payment will be processed through their secure payment system, and if the goal is not reached you loose no money.

Patreon is structured a little differently on their website it states that you subscribe to a persons profile with a monthly fee being payable to the project or persons content, you can however pay a one off to a specific project that you like. This platform is more available for on going content producers. However the same rule applies if people sign up to the creator they are guaranteed exclusive information pictures or rewards for their subscription.

Both of these platforms however rely on the audiences willingness to watch or consume the content or support the project being created. It is a way in which innovators can get a head start on building not only their creative goals but their supporting networks as well. Now if you’re wondering about the percentage that the websites take they both come in at taking only 5% of the money pledged to the cause.

These two websites however do not permit fundraising or community campaigns through their websites, it just isn’t viable for them to do so. However with so many options on social media now available for this I don’t think charities will loose out.

If you are looking for a way to create content and be supported as a creator check out these platforms and see what they can do for you. I would recommend for a one time project to go with Kick-starter and to continually create content Patreon. You will know which platform suits you more 🙂




Get Creating your career and your journey xx




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