Trip Time

So it was that time of the year again and I took a quick two week trip over to the other side of Australia in Perth. This trip I indulged in a lot of food and did a massive amount of walking well for me anyway. A trip away means a post full of pictures so I may reminise on my trip and share my favourite parts of Perth.

This was my first time enjoying the sights and wonder of Kings Park, a short bus ride out of the city centre you reach this beautiful botanical gardens that extend for miles, it has a combination of history and beauty with its Anzac memorials such as the constantly burning flame pictured in the top left, and views of the entire city. It was a long walk around approximately 4km round trip which left me aching the next day, it was surprisingly busy and we went at around 3.30-4pm in the afternoon. It was worth seeing the gorgeous plants and incredible views as well as tributes to Australia’s history.


Our next stop was the newly named Elizabeth Quay, which was once the esplanade, it has been getting renovations for a little while now and though it looked really cool I could not manage to walk a step further. The picture on the left I was inspired to take as I had red somewhere that travel photography takes forever to get right as there are always people in the way or something along those lines and yet I managed in between road crossings to capture a rather quiet city street before boarding the train. The bridges on the left are a new edition to the area that now I think about it remind me of the big M… hmm nice Segway right because you know what is next the FOOD!!

So upon arrival I had to go with the classic Nando’s it was introduced to me in Perth and is now a staple every time I go, it just tastes so much better where I originally fell in love with it, if you are like myself and do not do well with the spicy go the BBQ flavour it is love at first bite. This time I agreed to try a type of food I am very well known for never giving a chance other than the sweet dessert pictured in the top (churros are my food crush) MEXICAN, so on this trip I actually gave two different restaurants a try Mad Mex and Zambrero’s. We were in the city and all the Japanese restaurants were full which was a major bummer and Mad Mex have their 1kg burrito challenge in which macho man himself had to try of coarse so viola i ended up eating Mexican and of coarse because i love all that is edible I actually found myself enjoying the baby sized burrito that i got with my pineapple soda!! Zambrero’s was actually my idea to try because i decided one taste of Mexican wasn’t enough and again my mouth and stomach fell in love with the food I would recommend trying one of the two at least once.
The last food that I actually managed to capture myself eating was serve yourself Chinese this is a winner for me no matter where I am, I love picking my own food and having a few choices at once keeps the variety. We did make it to one Japanese restaurant in the city that served an incredible pork ramen which we loved and will defiantly be trying again it was a diamond in the rough kind of store and not all that expensive either, only I have no clue what it was called and of coarse it was the one place I did not capture myself eating up a storm!!

I stay in Rockingham each time I visit Perth and this time I actually got down the beach and took some wicked photos, it was freezing on this day and I didn’t take a jumper of coarse.

This trip to WA was one of my favourites as I managed to spend time seeing more of the city and the surrounding areas enjoying the food and taking some amazing photos around a developing and yet untouched kind of state. I can not wait until the next time I am over that way and the other areas I shall explore.

I learnt to use snap chat on this trip to see me being average its @kahliaanelise
I always upload my photography first to my Instagram

I also post random quotes and links on my twitter which is also @kahliaanelise

Remember keep creating yourselves xx




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