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Hey guys,

I am here with yet another dating game post, I enjoy writing things about relationships I always find its the topics my mind has the most fun with. This time I am back to write about farting in front of your significant other why you may ask, well you see I and I am sure many other girls have been told how rude it is to fart in front of or around other people. Does anyone remember these typical lines? “Girls and Ladies do not let off wind” “it is rude to let off gasses” “never do that in front of a man” right so these were repeated to me constantly as a young girl which got really annoying and now that I am in a long and steady relationship I thought I would pose the question of passing gas in front of a significant other.

This subject is probably up for debate so lets hear my side. Passing gasses is natural it is human and aliens probably do it as well, so it is going to happen at some point in your relationship probably while your fast asleep you are going to let one rip and your other half is going to hear or smell it, when you are defenceless and unable to consciously know you are doing it how do you manage to be lady like? or discreet? you can’t and it won’t be I can assure you that much.

Now if your asleep is it forgivable to let one loose in front your partner? I think so I mean I have no foresight it’s going to happen and honestly I couldn’t control it if I tried I mean I am in a land where these problems don’t matter, in all honesty I am probably solving all humanities problems. If you are awake and well aware you need to let one rip and you just can not be bothered and you let loose on your ass you better expect some kind of reaction from whoever you are with be it your significant other, best friend or your family, it is just something we don’t classify as the “norm” or at least I don’t.

So at what point does it not become taboo in a relationship to be a natural human being ? well that depends on the guy your kind of relationship and I would highly recommend not doing it on the first or second date. Everyones relationships are so different and unique except those clique couples you see all the time, that it is hard to give you an exact time that it’s okay. I mean I would say if you are comfortable and your explanation is reasonable you can let it slide.

I will never forget the first time my ass exploded, it was completely by accident my partner and I were mucking around and I had consumed a number of dairy type products and it just slipped out ( i am lactose intolerant) I have this reaction if I eat or drink too much dairy but of coarse I had not conciously thought of this on our day out and thus this was the result. At the time it happened I can say I was fairly embarrassed but my boyfriend being who he is laughed his ass off and it is now a running joke that we can laugh about for years to come, We had been dating for close to if not longer than a year and I am sure I assaulted him in my sleep at some point before this but the story just doesn’t get old and the outcome was well hilarious.

relationships should be unique based on the two people in them, anything that is meant too happen or not meant to will be defined by the two of you and how you view each other and what you specifically love about them. You will work out this twisted game I assure you of that. If I can do it anyone can.

Peace out

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