Sydney|Harbour Ferry

On our last full day in Sydney we decided to take the boat ride

we got the tickets with the bus tour.


Sydney Opera House

This was the first thing I just HAD to take a picture of from the water,
it just looked so magnificent.


Sydney Harbor Bridge

This also looked incredible from the water and we actually went under it
and could see the people who had just climbed it.


An old church

I  was in love with the old building flittered around Sydney.


The City Skyline.

it looked really cool from where we were.


Luna Park.

I was devastated I didn’t have enough time to go, next time though
I did get too see it from the water which was really cool, we actually saw it all lit up at night too
but there were way too many ships to get a good picture.


Luna Park ❤


Pretty Island.


This is going under the Harbour Bridge.

also you can’t see it but there was a baby seal in the water.




Fort Denison.

people thought this was a prison but it actually wasn’t used for that
I didn’t get time to go onto it and have a proper look though I really wanted to.

Sydney was incredible, these are the last of the photos and the last post for my trip,
I could not have picked a better place to go on short notice I had the best time with some really great people
I indulged myself in my love of history as well, now it is back to reality.

Peace Out


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