Sydney|Part Two|Kings Cross

We arrived in Sydney at around 8am so we basically had the whole day to explore.

but we walked 50ks instead and then caught up with friends.


Sydney city from the plane


This way a gorgeous little alley off Kings Cross

It has restaurants all down it.


We found this gorgeous Italian place, it was seriously adorable,

if you get a chance I would highly recommend visiting it. It’s located in Kings Cross.

IMG_5684 IMG_5683

Amazing and I mean AMAZING pizza that we ate, I could have eaten the whole menu.

IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5687

Kings Cross<3

we were staying right above the cross it was amazing, also the glowing sign in the last picture

I was told has been featured in fat pizza and houseos.

we explored mainly the cross for the first day and caught up with some friends.


This was the gorgeous View I woke up to to start my next day of exploring.

Peace Out xx

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