Talk Time| Tattoos,Employment,Culture & more

I have a couple of things I want to talk about today so I thought why not put them into a post while your nails dry, 

The first thing on my mind today is the fact that it is the norm in today’s society that families are dysfunctional aunty jane doesn’t speak to uncle bob because when I was two he broke a beer bottle on her floor… Is it really now that common to have families that barely even speak to each other ? are your friends more your family than your actual family because I know that I have a select few members of my family that I still keep in regular contact with and the rest well aunty jane could have moved to Madagascar for all I would know. I think this could partially be the reason behind the decline in manners and general lack of respect amongst the younger generations and in general really, I am not saying that it is the primary cause or due justification but possibly a contributing factor to the decline of human decency in our current world. 

The second is also regarding human behaviour shocker there right? not at all. I was recently discussing ageing with a co-worker and how these stereotypes/categories we use to describe people have become generalisations of groups of people which in turn possibly lead to things like gender and age discrimination, My friend is of mature age and just recently got her first ever tattoo which is amazing she has spoken about wanting one and has enjoyed them for a large portion of the time I have known her, she was telling me that she was coping a lot of slack from people telling her she was too old to get a tattoo and at her age why would she do such a thing, which lead us to talking about what actually defines a persons age and I came to the conclusion that you are old when you no longer what to grow or understand the world, when you believe you know everything there is too know about life or when you are basically just so stuck in “your ways” and “your time” that you are no longer even living.. I also decided it constituted people who act like the world as a whole hates them and that there life purpose was to be shit on by every living thing including nature.. 

You should never be too old for anything I mean as you get older there are health risks involved with certain things and that can cause limitations but does that really mean you reduce yourself to no longer living or finding activities to enjoy and props out there to the people who rock themselves at any age, do you and love it!!! 

on the subject of tattoos something really irritated me today and that is people who will blatantly tell me they would not employ someone if they saw they had a tattoo, that they would find an excuse or other reason that this person is not competent for the role.. really ? okay so I am generally a believer of you have your opinion I will have mine but I am curious how many people that read this will let me know there stance, if you had any kind of business would you turn a really great worker down because they had a tattoo ( don’t get me wrong I don’t mean full face covered tattoos) I mean just general they have artwork on there body in some place, also I want to know if that should really affect your judgement on how well they could perform a job?? 

My honest opinion is if someone could do the job I needed them to do and do it well then I couldn’t give a damn if they were single, married, homosexual, religious I couldn’t care what colour or ethnicity they were nor would I give two flying fucks if they sported a tattoo, if you could do the job and do it damn well then you would be a credit to my organisation, and my personal stance on physical appearance matters would not stand point, the only reason I would not hire someone on a physical aspect or other such thing would be on the grounds of health and safety regulations. 

so if you agree disagree or have any answers for my curious questions let me know 🙂 

p.s Tomorrow i shall be legal to drink in america if i so choose, which will be awesome when I finally make it over there.. 

Peace out 


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