Instagram Diary #1

hey lovelies. 

for lack of a better name this is an instagram diary and it is basically pictures that are on my instagram and me giving you insight into them, 


IMG_5438 IMG_5430 IMG_5407 IMG_5336 IMG_4969 IMG_4270 IMG_4203 IMG_4197


1. Giraffe I won at the gold coast show I named Aniken, 2. my new peter alexander star wars Yoda pants and R2d2/C3po slippers, 3. A picture I took in my dads bike mirror, 4. Sparkles the bear tiny tot made for her birthday, 5. posing picture from my batman inspired look, 6. I love my facial expressions.. 7. Best quote from alice in wonderland, 8. the view in my backyard of an autumn/fall sunset ❤ 

that is my photo dairy let me know in the comments your instagrams so i can follow you, it has to be my favourite app 

peace out lovelies xx 

2 weeks till holiday #holidaycountdown 

Send me a smile :)

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