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Hey Guys, 

Lets play a fun little game called dating, except there are like 50,000 rules on how to do it and you never and I mean never know if your playing it right and sometimes you wont even know when you’ve fallen down the board..for some dating is a world of fun whirlwind romance, sex and cute dates but for others it can be a never wrecking mind blowing I fuck it up every time kind of experience, for everyone it entails rejection at least once.

Dating Rules Online;

we live in a digital era where almost anything can be found online and that doesn’t exclude dating rules, so I thought I would suss out some websites approaches to these “rules” 

  • It is okay to Facebook friend your date
  • It takes 15 minutes to know if you have chemistry 
  • No sex on the first date
  • Keep your relationship off social media 
  • Don’t let your crazy out 

so these were just a few of the vast amounts of rules regarding this topic that I found and kind of immediately had a little mental note in my head about because in all reality there a rules to everything but rules are made to be broken right ? 

Facebook Friending Dates 

I don’t think this is wrong I mean its completely up to the individuals if you want to facebook friend him or her, I wouldn’t personally always friend someone I went on a date with or what not only because I don’t really think after one or two dates I need to delve into their online profile, however if you have met this person online it is a way to talk and get to know them before taking any other steps, always remember to be safe when online with dating and with anything!! I think this is ridiculous to be made into a rule because who the fudge gives a shit, if you feel comfortable and want to add them do so you may actually end up finding a really cool friend or something more intimate with the person. 

15 minutes to suss out your chemistry 

I am not going to throw this out the window as it was apparently a psychological study in regards to human interactions, however I do not think that makes it a dating rule I have had 15 minute lunches with people thinking they are the shit only to find out a couple months later they have an ego larger than Google’s.. so I don’t think even if it says psychological study shows or scientifically proven that it immediately applies to you, these are large fields that are still only a fraction of really understanding human behavior so don’t take it as gospel. 

No sex on the first date 

again its psychologically proven this is bullshit however I have to be all OLD and say I really kind of agree with this depending on the circumstances of the relationship, again each person is going to know when it is right, but I have seen so many friends come back to me devastated because a guy didn’t call back after they gave up the goods on the first date, my only advice is be you and make sure its comfortable for you. there is no wrong or right with this one just experience.

Keep your relationship off social media

Facebook has a relationship status for a reason if you are taken the go on and put it up there, what I think more specifically this means is if you don’t air your dirty laundry at the local supermarket, work functions or to the public then don’t air it on social media. I am a massive supporter of this not just for this purpose but in general yes I love knowing what people are up to that this person is having a baby and this on is in France but I don’t want to know that Jack and Jill are having a fight because some chick answered Jacks phone at work only to find out it was his PA…. Be sensible with what you post online because generally you can’t take it back and honestly some things are better  kept private. 

Don’t let your crazy out 

So if I was still dating I would be screwed.. I run a blog that voices my opinions freely to anyone that will listen I am working with some cool people to get my YouTube channel up and running which will be very similar, I also work in a community Hub where a lot of the time my boss is dealing with media and press and they want her opinion and life story, I am studying psychology and criminology because I want to understand what makes humans do fucked up shit… my crazy came out and broadcast itself a LONG time ago. Moral of all that is be yourself because people will love you for it somewhere and at some point in time and yes it is  soo much easier said than done but hey give it a try I bet you will love it 😛 

I honestly think that when it comes to dating you should just be yourself and see what your comfortable with in the end it will be about you anyway so don’t get caught up in the GAME and just remember to have a little fun.

Love On & Peace out 

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