9 Things I love

Hey beauties, 

so I was just browsing blogs I follow and I read a post called 9 things I can’t handle, I decided to take a peek and read the post and majority of the comments and so felt that it would make a cool post if I could list 9 things I love.. 

#1- family & friends, I don’t mean family as in aunts and uncles because in all honesty I don’t have much to do with my family, I mean my sisters, my mother and father, my partner and his parents/siblings and the family that I have created for myself the family that I love each member of that I love being around and spending time with no matter what the situation, this is the same with my friends I don’t mean the ones I chat too on Facebook or like there pictures or comment on there status’ I mean the ones I make time to see and do things with, the ones who have and make time for me and the ones that no matter how long its been between interstate visits I can see and start where we left off. I love having the people I have in my life.

#2- My Job/Studies, I really do love what I study and the job I am doing and not because it is an overly rewarding job, considering I work with out being paid (volunteer) I sincerely love what I do with my life day in day out, I love getting up and coming into work and I love learning from my bosses and my tutors I enjoy learning human behaviors and elements in psychology. I wake up in the mornings excited to see what my day brings in these aspects and truly that makes a huge difference in how I go about my day and how I feel about myself.  

#3- I love shopping, yes this is girly and what not but come on who didn’t see it coming ? I love shopping for shoes, clothes, make up and anything i can wear and express myself with.. I believe that shopping can be really good for the soul and it makes me happy so why not..

#4- I love food, I enjoy cooking and eating.. I love finding new recipes and cooking new things and I love natural ingredients and making my own things. 

#5- I love summer, autumn and spring… i love the changing of seasons and how beautiful our surroundings become in each change, how unique our country and our whole world is and I find that is shown well in the changing of seasons ( i do like winter but I get sick in winter and I am sick right now and its winter and its cold soo yeah) 

#6- The internet, obviously because it allows me to create this website and speak about things I like to speak about, because I can find pretty things and because I can easily communicate with people, I love that the world is so accessible

#7- I love travelling. I love being able to explore new places even in my own area, I love seeing or finding new things and seeing different parts of different places

#8- I love imagination and creativity, being able to create in our minds anything and then transfer that into life with things such as books and movies, paintings and blogs all those things that allow us to share our creativity with the world. 

#9- Life, yes this may seem odd to some of you, however I love life the simple act of being alive to the creation of new life, its cycle its turbulence and ability to change and subtly change a person, the ability it has to make us wiser or to take us beyond on where we thought possible of ourselves. I love that life is unpredictable that it changes that it is tailored to each and every individual and that it is not our right to life but our gift to do with as we see fit. 

I would love to know what my readers love or are thankful for so please leave me a comment.. 

much love x


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