Weight & Body Image

Hey my beautiful readers, 

so its a freezing cold Tuesday down under 😉 what better thing to do than stay warm and write. As you can tell by the heading this is a post about weight and body image and just in general other imperfections/ flaws and insecurities we have as humans.

I am not skinny or average weight at all, I am on a bit of a weight loss/ healthy life change at the moment however I am not doing this for the simple purpose of losing weight NO NO NO.. I am making changes because I want to be healthy I want to eat raw, natural and organic foods that make my body and my mind feel good clique right ? yeah well its my own truth. 

I decided probably a month ago that I wanted to change the way I viewed myself, food and exercise just so you know I HATE most forms of exercise I roll my eyes at the gym goers and the fit people you see running in the park so for me this lifestyle change is also a mental change to view being healthy and how to get healthy differently. 

I also love food such as chocolate and ice cream my biggest weakness is peanut butter cups they make me drool, I have a massive sweet tooth and will nearly always be up for something sweet, So I’m guessing by now you’re beginning to see my issue HA HA. 

Now I didn’t decide to write this post to tell you how hard it is for me but to tell you its okay if you are different actually it’s more than okay Its fucking fabulous! enjoy who you are and embrace it people may not like you for it but believe me there are people out there who will love and adore you for it too. 

when it comes to keeping in perspective my mental ideals on body image and weight loss and being healthy I like to have realistic and flawed Idols, I don’t seek inspiration in my mental processes from super models or super skinny women portrayed in the media as I think it easily leads to becoming obsessed with the idea of perfection and that is not what I want, I want to achieve imperfection in a healthy way. 

As my secret to keeping cool with being a “fat kid” through high school and what not it was simply keeping role models that were real and had personalities that were to boot the reason people loved them, now a days my role models have varied a little bit and just because I can I am going to list them below if you want to be inspired by them too then I’ll link their instagrams and so forth at the end 🙂 

1. Sharon Osbourne- this women is just incredible and if you don’t know why then go and look her up. she is loyal and her personality shines so damn brightly, I couldn’t think of someone I would rather aspire to in the sense of the qualities she possesses. BONUS she is brutally honest and doesn’t give a shit what people are going to say which makes for a happier person 🙂 

2. Kelly Osbourne- along the same lines this beautiful girl does not give a fuck what anyone thinks, she is so comfortable in her own skin and in her opinions and choices she exudes confidence and glamour that having her on instagram is helpful in achieving my personal goals, honestly one of the most beautiful people this world has to offer inside and out.

3. Karissa Pukas- This youtuber is incredible I don’t even think there are words I can use to describe her, she is gorgeous outside and in, she really just keeps me feeling upbeat and reminds me that things happen in life but to chase after what you want and if you work hard you can get it. She has her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground ( i know i stole that from somewhere) I can not say enough good words about this girl, but honestly if your looking for a pick me up head over to her YouTube channel, my favourite pick me up video to watch is her TMI tuesday videos her personality really is front and center and that’s what makes her so real and approachable. 

4. Shannon Harris- AKA Shaaanxo on YouTube this blonde bombshell has an adorable accent as well as being inspirational she actually has vlogs on health and fitness and some amazing healthy recipes that everyone should give a go.. they are tasty. I follow her on YouTube and instagram and I find that in watching her that I am able to slowly apply healthy tidbits to my life to become healthier with out even having to think about it. 

These women are my health and well being inspirations simply because they are all comfortable in their skin and i believe a good reminder of how to be healthy and think healthy with out loosing yourself and touch with what is realistic. 

I hope you like this post if it helps leave me a comment, and lets have a chat if you are going through a similar change.. if you would like more of my weight loss posts please let me know and I will take you on my journey 🙂 







Peace & Love to you all 

xx Kannelise 

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