today I am going to talk about my first time.. haha well the tag anyway I have watched this on youtube and I think its a cool kind of thing to do, also I am totally swamped by school work and work, I do have some beauty posts coming up 🙂 

so lets get into it..

1- my first car is Holden Astra Betone 

2- i cared more for my baby sisters well being than my own and they were probably the first ones 

3- I never really had a public speaking success, however my first public speaking when i didnt like nearly pass out would be in tafe when our Psychology teacher gave half of each class a topic to debate. 

4- The first time i stayed up to watch the sunrise was probably my 10th birthday i had a sleepover in a tent cause that was cool when i was 10 😛 

5- the first thing I learnt to cook was two minute noodles.

6- my first paying job was waitressing at a truck stop my parents were managing when i was 13 in the school holidays.. it was interesting but i wouldn’t trade it for the world

7- I first flew in an airplane when I was 8 to Thiland and Vietnam

8- The first and to this day only concert I have ever seen was shannon noel and I can’t remember how old i was.. 

9- My first bike was pink and it had tassles on the handle bars and that is all i can remember 

10- When I first left home i was actually like 12 and I lived at boarding school most of the year, but when I first moved out and ventured on my own I was 16 🙂 

11- When I had my first kiss I think I was like 10 hahaha 

12- The first actual like PC game that i played was star wars 

13- My first ever comic book was Harley Quinn <33 

14- My first show that i can remember loving was sailor moon 

15- My first event as such that I went too was supernova

so these are a few of my first times 😉 if you have any questions or topics you think would be cool to discuss or just want to hear my opinion on leave them in the comments or on my instagram 🙂 

much love 



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