New Year, New What ?

Hey Guys,

It’s 2017 already, can you believe it ? I can haha it seems that the older I get the quicker things go. I am starting 2017 still as a uni student. Just can’t let it go haha.

This year though I gave up resolutions instead to think about goals I would Like to achieve in the 12 months of this year. Big life changing goals as well as some smaller goals.

This Year I really want to focus on myself and loving and accepting my flaws, and strengths as equal parts of who I am and working them to my advantage.. so like a year of self awareness.

I would love to know what everyone has decided for their New Years Resolutions ? let me know in the comments. I have some wicked adult only content planned for this year, as well as continuing my lessons in my 20’s series, so you guys have some cool stuff too look forward too.

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Friends with Benefits (FWB) is a common label given to friends who also sleep together, or two people sleeping together that don’t want to commit. Sounds great right? well as movies like Friends with benefits (Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake) and No Strings attached (Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman) can tell you its just not that simple (both movies are on Netflix).

You have to balance that fine line between friends and couple, you sleep together and you hang out and have fun together. My girl friend and I were having a conversation about this recently and we decided that there are two main reasons shit goes sour (this is from a girls perspective and for girls sorry guys).

  1. Girls over think and Over analyse everything even the small shit, and really it doesn’t get us anywhere
  2. We have different Ideas and expectations from things E.G. cuddling is fine after sex I don’t see a problem with it but cuddling holding hands and falling asleep on each other chests or in each others arms for me is crossing that little friendship line, where as for a guy there just being nice and hopefully trying not to root and boot you.

Now of coarse this isn’t all girls or guys, however the majority of girls I have spoken to feel that they fall faster than the guys and get attached quicker. We analysed (over thought) the reasons we get attached to the guys around us

They kiss or cuddle you, you have a level of comfort

They say shit that we think is cute and sweet

Now this one is difficult, they whisper cute, dirty or romantic shit while your sleeping together, now i know this shit can be beneficial during sex but it is also fucking confusing.

In saying all this we developed a list of our tips that we are going to try out and see how we go;

  • Don’t put all of your spare “guy ” time into your FWB, keep your eyes open for opportunity and mr right ( I guarantee your FWB is doing the same)
  • Have clear boundaries on what you guys are, and don’t be scared to enforce them on yourself or him
  • Don’t turn down a nice guy for your FWB, because at the end of the day the guy you turned down could be the right one and you wasted it on some cringe Fuckboy.
  • Stick with your girls, they will be able to tell you when shit is getting real if they know you well enough and they can bitch slap or just pull you out of that sinking hole of feelings. Lock that shit down is my best friends phrase for when she knows things aren’t going well for me in that department.

We are going to give this list a go, if you have any FWB stories please share them in the comments or email me at with the subject FWB. If you have any tips please also leave those, so me and my girls can give them a go!!

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In the mean time Keep creating yourselves


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Friendship Lessons in my 20’s

I am in my 20’s now and I keep learning new things about life every day. One of the biggest things I have learnt since moving from my teens to my 20’s is about friendship.


I am going to tell you the top 5 things I have learnt about friendship in my 20’s

  1. Not everyone wants to stick around; there are friends that will remain in your life forever, like boomerangs while there are friends that you will make and they will be great for a period of time and then they will leave (I am planning a post on what to do after a friendship break up soon).
  2. People don’t fit with your life path. Don’t feel bad if some friends just don’t fit with where you are going or how busy you’ve become, if they want to stick around they won’t go anywhere just because you have new opportunities and a busy schedule.
  3. People don’t always value what you value. This one is hard because you will meet friends and think they are the greatest people and then as you spend time with them you’ll realise they don’t have the same values as you and that can be difficult.
  4. Communication is key. We aren’t teenagers anymore, and communicating with friends is important in keeping the relationship on the same page. Don’t be afraid to talk it out with your friend if something isn’t right.
  5. Be yourself, in your 20’s you’re still figuring shit out. You are not expected to have all the answers or know everything and you shouldn’t, but you should remember that if something doesn’t feel right to you it probably isn’t right and you should listen to yourself.

These are my top 5 lessons that I have learnt in 20’s around friendship. I have made and lost a lot of friends since, beginning university and working and then some have remained from teenage years but the dynamics have changed, which is a good thing because it means that we are growing. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make and lose friends this is the best time to create memories and learn from experiences.


Keep creating yourselves


Life After Graduating



I started university and didn’t really think about the end, what am I going to do when I graduate? and yet this question has been coming up a lot since ill be graduating next year. I thought about it and considered how many other students this must stump, because we are going to get a job of coarse! It’s not that easy but don’t stress I had a chat with a fellow student from my university Bond whose been through life after graduation.

Alex is the new found creator of One Hive Creative a business with all your marketing and advertising needs, I thought since she is freshly a graduate ( October 2015) and now running her own business she could give you and me an insight to life after graduation and the work force!!

How did you find life after University ? 
I actually found it quite difficult to get into the advertising and marketing industry. I didn’t have any connections that could help me out, and I was spending so much time writing cover letter after cover letter and preparing for different interviews every week. I loved what I studied at University and couldn’t wait to put my skills and knowledge into practice but it was taking so long to get a job.

How was your business born ? 
It’s quite funny actually, in my mind I’ve always wanted to have my own business, but I always imagined I would be a 40 year old woman with my life together. You know, you always hear of these success stories of older women (and men) who don’t start making money out of their REAL passion until their 40+, so I naturally thought that would be the time for me.

I never connected my passion for creating and writing to something that could potentially earn money and put a roof over my head. It wasn’t until I started doing favours for friends, which then turned into paid work for the odd client here and there whilst working part time at a café then I realised something amazing was beginning. My partner and I started brain storming ideas for potential business names – preparing for the future… not for the present! Then a substantially big business heard about my work and contacted me asking if I could help them out. However, to pay me they needed an ABN – a term completely foreign to me at the time. During the ABN registration process, there was an option to add a business name. Now THAT was when One Hive Creative was born. All these ideas and visions started to inspire me. I could see it. I could see myself running a business at the age of 21 – something I would have laughed at about 5 months ago!

So basically, One Hive Creative was born out of circumstances, then a vision and then a lot of hard work. I like to think everything happens for reasons, so perhaps that’s why I was struggling so much to get a full time job.

What is/was your inspiration for the business name and branding ? 
Bees inspire One Hive Creative – to put it blankly. Not because I’m a big fan of bees, but because of the way in which they work together. Whenever someone asks where the name One Hive Creative came from, I always say to them; imagine a colony of bees working together to create the final product – honey.
And that’s how I see my business running – everyone working together to create the sweet final product.

When it comes to branding, I focussed on my own personality. I wanted a brand that I could easily connect to so I can speak from the heart and create work that truly resonates with my personal style. I’m a very luxurious person, I love fashion, luxe style and fitness, but I always centre myself at the beach. That’s where the soft, neutral colour palette comes into play. On another note, I think a great way to describe myself and One Hive Creative’s branding is with my favourite quote, from Gandhi, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

How do you feel about Running your own business?
It’s fantastic. One Hive Creative is still in the very early stages but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have an entrepreneurial mindset so I definitely love it. Of course it doesn’t all smell of ‘honey’ and roses, I have to work incredibly hard – through the night and over the weekends but I’m doing something I love, so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Sure, running your own business comes with its challenges, and I’m still anticipating tougher challenges to hit me hard over the years, but it’s worth it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did you find it difficult to come up with the brand and how did you go about setting everything up?
Definitely. I felt like I had an endless supply of ideas running around my mind and couldn’t find the direction I wanted to take. I came across an incredible woman, Jenna Lee Black whilst tirelessly searching for some type of direction and inspiration. Her guides helped me a lot. She’s all about embracing your own unique strengths and the impact you want to make in the world with your business. Once I got a clear vision on those two things, the brand started running a lot smoother and it felt a lot more natural and coherent. I highly recommend giving Jenna Black a search on Google.

Where do you see your business in a couple of years? 
I see my business changing the game and stretching limits. I’m all about gentleness and kindness and I believe that advertising isn’t most effective when it’s in everyone’s faces all the time. I see my business not only developing start-up businesses and working for big names in the fashion, fitness, beauty and lifestyle industries – but I see One Hive Creative helping not-for-profit organisations and using it’s services for good.

At the moment, it’s just me working (plus a lot of help from my partner), but I definitely see a huge potential for growth and employment opportunities.

What has helped you during the time of graduating to developing One Hive Creative ? 
I guess I finally experienced what the real world is like. I went straight from High School into University, so after graduating University, it was the first time that I had a lot of time on my hands (when I wasn’t working at the café). It made me realise how badly I want to make an impact and that the average life just doesn’t satisfy me, one bit.

What would your top tips be for Graduates? 
Follow your dreams (as cliché as that sounds). Anything is doable if you put your mind to it. Get rid of that self doubt and do what you do best. Don’t be afraid to show everyone how great you are! No matter how young or old you think you are, just stay on top of the game and keep hustling. Just because you’ve finished University, doesn’t mean it’s all over… that was just the warm up.

Any top tips for people wanting to start their own business? 
Follow your gut and follow your instincts. Do a lot of research, but also don’t stress too much about everything. There are people in different professions that can help you with the things that you’re not confident with – for instance finance, legalities or marketing. There are a lot of free resources on the Internet – give yourself some time to continue learning each day.

While it’s important to set everything up, don’t be afraid to just jump in. Otherwise you’ll be planning your business for years before the launch! And most of all venture into a business that you LOVE and are passionate about.

I’d like to give a massive shout out to Alex I had the wonderful pleasure of working with her at uni she is amazing and talented.

One hive Creative:



Don’t be afraid of that graduation day and continue creating yourselves


Social Media & Social Work

hey, you! save the date!

Social media is designed to connect people who otherwise could be geographically isolated, or to connect social networks with in both personal and professional realms. However the use of social media in the helping profession is not highly regulated which puts the question forward of whether it is ethical?

The biggest spoken about ethical issues presented by social media are privacy, informed consent and confidentiality. This article states that if a client is verbalising an intent to self harm social workers may indeed search social networking sites of client in order to gauge seriousness and personal circumstances however they also state that this goes against traditional social work practices, and borders on privacy. Everyone posts things online in their private domain during moments of frustration or delight but are these accurate representations of us as people? And should they be used to determine if a client’s intent to harm is serious.

With the options now available on social media to follow people and their feeds social workers are able to gather information on clients.

However this can blur the boundaries of the professional relationship. Though most social workers would not accept a friend request from a client, following a twitter news feed is no different. This can effect the therapeutic relationship in many ways, for example a client may feel a closer connection after viewing personal information or they may feel disengaged if they didn’t like what they saw.  The other forms of social networks are a little different instagram now allows you to have a private profile and control who may see your posts, but twitter does not.

With the added feature of location settings these boundaries can become even further blurred as clinicians can have access to a clients where about and know when they are in an environment that may not be beneficial to them, this exerts some kind of control. On the flip side of that if a client stumbles across a clinician’s location they can “accidentally” run into them and this occurrence can become awkward when the clinician does not respond the desired way and can cause rejection thus harming the therapeutic relationship.


How Can Social Workers Use Social Media Ethically?

I will give you some of my tips for using social media in your profession.

  1. do not follow clients on social media, this is risky and can become perceived as an invitation for them to find you.
  2. Do not post information about clients or cases that you do not have permission to do so, realistically don’t post information like this at all
  3. keep your information educational and beneficial to those who do follow your account if it is for professional use
  4. Link with other services to ensure valuable information is reaching clients, and don’t just stick to your local area but consider the rural clients
  5. Keep your privacy settings updated to protect your information from being used in ways you would not like it too.
  6. This one may irritate a few people however when you are posting don’t post things you don’t want your clients to see, because the way technology is evolving information is becoming more readily available.


So just remember if you are working in social work to use social media wisely and ethically to not cause harm to your cliental.


Keep creating yourselves.

Crowd Funding Is It For You

There are fantastic ways for innovative creators to get their business and career rolling with out the use of loans from the bank. With the technology of online shopping and now user generated content websites like Youtube, young creators everywhere can build their audiences and their empires. The new way to do this is crowd funding.

Crowd funding is where you have an idea and do not have the funds to get it off the ground so you can visit one of the many websites dedicated to this in order to raise the money through your already established audience or people who share a passion with what you want to do. These people can then donate either one off amounts or subscribe to monthly payments to your project.

The two major crowd funding sites being used world wide at the current time are Kick-starter and Patreon.

Kickstarter is a well known website in which creators can go and set up a project and a desired goal or objective and then rally people behind it to donate until they reach their goal. No money is taken from donators unless the goal is met and then the project can kick off. One of the kick starter campaigns was the Veronica Mars movie which hundreds of fans got behind and supported financially to make, when someone donated they got a reward such as a signed photo or the opportunity to be an extra in the film if it was geographically possible. Kickstarter is a one off donation system where you select the amount you would like to pledge to the project and if it reaches its goal your payment will be processed through their secure payment system, and if the goal is not reached you loose no money.

Patreon is structured a little differently on their website it states that you subscribe to a persons profile with a monthly fee being payable to the project or persons content, you can however pay a one off to a specific project that you like. This platform is more available for on going content producers. However the same rule applies if people sign up to the creator they are guaranteed exclusive information pictures or rewards for their subscription.

Both of these platforms however rely on the audiences willingness to watch or consume the content or support the project being created. It is a way in which innovators can get a head start on building not only their creative goals but their supporting networks as well. Now if you’re wondering about the percentage that the websites take they both come in at taking only 5% of the money pledged to the cause.

These two websites however do not permit fundraising or community campaigns through their websites, it just isn’t viable for them to do so. However with so many options on social media now available for this I don’t think charities will loose out.

If you are looking for a way to create content and be supported as a creator check out these platforms and see what they can do for you. I would recommend for a one time project to go with Kick-starter and to continually create content Patreon. You will know which platform suits you more 🙂




Get Creating your career and your journey xx




Facebook’s Charitable New Feature

social media e-xperience


Facebook joined the charitable community. Previously they had an option for a donate now button that would work through paypal, however on July 1st an article was released stating that Facebook is launching its own update that includes campaigning and donation collection for non for profits.

This feature will be available in the U.S in the coming weeks and will be made globally available to 39 countries says Saqib Shah. If you are a non for profit Facebook just got better. I stated in my post charitable social media  that 95% of charities or organisations use Facebook this feature was well thought out in their favour.

Starting a Campaign to raise money for your organisation or you could just be someone like me who enjoys campaigning on behalf of organisations you advocate for either way this feature will allow you to share and create fundraising campaigns.

Headspace Australia is an organisation that works towards mental health in youth, its a widely recognised organisation and often runs video campaigns and awareness on its social media sites. If you visit their website you are able to host a fundraising event or make a donation through their website.

This new Facebook feature will allow supporters of the organisation to conduct online fundraising campaigns in which the money goes directly to the organisation when people donate, they can share it with their Facebook friends and it can continue to grow through social media.

Let me give you an idea about how this could be helpful to you.

Sunshine Automotive have a community fund in which they are asking the gold coast to vote on what organization should receive the 2000 dollars. This campaign is through and has been shared around locally through Facebook with a link to vote being posted to your email.

A campaign like this could already collect votes through Facebook however have chosen an alternate route, in setting up a campaign like this and imagining that they could calculate votes and donations at the same time the new Facebook feature would make the process all very simple.

Worried about un secure payment? Don’t be all the donations are made through PayPal and secure payment methods. So your privacy is maintained. This feature would allow each of the organizations that don’t get the 2000 dollars from the community fund to garner attention and possible donation through their own smaller campaigns that can be shared via their Facebook followers.

If you would like to vote on the campaign mentioned above visit this link My GC Vote 


Keep creating your campaigns xx



Find your next employee online




If you are looking for A new employee then look no further. The internet is your oyster. I am here to let you know about the world of blogging and social media and how you can use it to find your next employee.

We have talked about how we can use social media charitably, and how dark social media isn’t all bad for your business, and now I am trying to convince you that social media is a pool of qualified untouched talent.. yes.


Social media doesn’t just include your average Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile in a growing market there are alternatives LinkedIn being the most popular but not the only Search Engine Journal lists 8 alternatives for the online professional and Networker,  the online options for employee hunting are endless.

Go Gulf state that two in five employers already use social media to screen candidates, they are screening for;

  • Professionalism and social conduct
  • If the candidate will fit with the company culture
  • Learn more about the candidates qualificationsSome of the things we look for to hire someone;
  • Wide variety of interests
  • professional image
  • Communication skills

Using this criteria why couldn’t we use social media and web search to find an employee, forget your average profiles and dig into this little gem. Blogging now if you are here you obviously know about the blogging world and what a world it is, you could find your future employee and tips on almost anything from some blogger somewhere.

Blogging is a skill, writing ideas and communicating them coherently, while engaging with an audience that can grow or shrink at any time is a persistently adapting skill. Should an employer stumble upon my blog they would have a glimpse at my personality, my interests, my writing style, my ability to communicate, they can gauge all the things Go Gulf listed that they screen for, all in one convenient little spot on the web.

I am not saying dive into the diamond mine that is blogging, you will certainly find some coal among those diamonds. What I am saying is brands and businesses can easily search for blogs in their field and find a million potential candidates, they can screen them and then contact them directly and organise meetings, it is a more efficient process and you already have a small or large glimpse of what the candidate can create and add to your organisation, business or brand.

Next time you have that opening do a little Google search and see if you can find your companies diamond, in the blogging and social media savvy world.





5 Reasons dark social can help your business



Dark social is, forms of social media traffic that cannot be traced such as messaging on Facebook messenger or whatsapp and emailing. These private messaging apps are becoming more popular. 95% of people in Australia use these untraceable means of communication.

So what does this mean for your business?

Well dark social isn’t traceable by analytic programs used to measure social media success which makes it harder to accurately know how much traffic is coming in to your website via private referral. We all know word of mouth and personal recommendations are effective marketing tools. If people are moving away from talking about your brand in public forums you will no longer have access to what their saying.

And if you’re beginning to regret your social media tactics great let that feed your trip to the dark side.. follow me if you dare to learn the 5 reasons I think dark social is beneficial for business.

  1. it is not completely untraceable HA sucked in consumers… no but really you can track copy and paste type links to your website and these are the most commonly used when something has been shared via dark social. this website states that long or shortened slugs can help you in detecting these types of visits through your analytical software if someone lands on a specific page with quite a large name you can safely assume it was a copy paste link that got them there, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be typing but hey I’ll just use the force.. This for business’s means you just have to get savvy with the analytics your using.
  2. Word of mouth has always been around and you’ve never been able to control it ? realistically that is all this is using private means of communication with other people and its been around for years so it isn’t that scary, especially for business you can get some wonderful boosts if one person has a good experience on the flip side if your customer service is shitty you know 5o of my friends have heard about it.
  3. Public sharing and social media will not become obsolete, these platforms rise and fall and follow specific trends, keep a social media “expert” on hand at all times to monitor the ebb and flow of the web.
  4. Even elements of dark social are available to advertisements and products, snap chat recently changed its layout and although messaging and pictures are still private “dark social” there is a public component of stories and the discover section devoted to news, brands such as WWE and Buzzfeed you can still advertise through dark social media.
  5. You have to get creative, have some fun create something different have a chance to make your brand or product stand out in the sea of products being shoved in consumers faces, it gives you the chance to lead the pack and create something new.

I hope these tips have light the dark fire in your business and you can happily join us on the dark side.

Use your social media charitably

social media e-xperience


If you’re a non for profit social media is your wave to ride, or your ship to wreck. Don’t stress I am here to help you boost the ways you use your social media platforms.

Buffer app found that 97% of non for profit organisations are on Facebook though they don’t rate it as one of their important social media platforms.

This could be due to the fact that these organisations use donations as their target and identification of social media effectiveness. However social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have donation capabilities for organisations to garner more support globally.


twitter-revenue-model Tweet to donate is a new feature on twitter to allow people from all over the world to use paypal and donate to your organisation making twitter more beneficial for non for profit organisations, Facebook also offers a donate now option on organisations pages.


Before we create the perfect hashtag 

  • Know your organisations goals and objectives do they want to get donations, or share information
  • Then create a social media strategy Steven Shattuck says non for profits should use  Appreciation, Advocacy and Appeals as their strategy.
  • have transparent policies regarding engagement, to monitor and have something clear to point back to
  • Keep up to date with new tools such as tweet to donate, Facebook now offers categories in its new update, if you keep up to date you can creatively find ways to use these tools.

Christmas spirit 

Over christmas I got the chance to join an appeal to help a beautiful single mother who was struggling and no services had anything left to assist her so a colleague took to Facebook and reached out to the community who all responded rapidly, there were so many messages of support that lead to donations for a struggling family at the hardest time, if it wasn’t for our Facebook community we never could of reached all those people to get assistance and to thank them and show them the outcome. It was a beautiful moment watching all these people pour support into a cause that obviously touched their hearts during the jolly season. Communities can now reach even beyond your local area, some causes go viral all over the world for example the ice bucket challenge.

social media has changed the game for interaction and engagement but that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful to your charity or non for profit, it can up your game and allow you to connect with people who share the same mission as your organisation, connecting with people is what we do after all 🙂

so create your social media presence xx